Monday, April 11, 2011

Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror is critical to your makeup application. You need to choose a makeup mirror with care. Makeup mirrors can range from compact travel mirrors to clear mirrors and magnification mirrors to lighted mirrors and swinging mirrors. The simpler versions of these makeup mirrors are made of plastic, wood or glass whereas the decorative ones can be studded with pearls and rimmed with gold. Travel mirrors are compact ones and can be located in a makeup kit or a makeup bag. Wall mounted mirrors are used in bedrooms or bathrooms and can be attached with screws, sticky tape, hooks or glues. Clear mirrors are steam free with specially formulated and heated pad, which adheres to the back of the mirror. The level of heat that is generated depends on the strength of the pad that is attached. Magnification mirrors enable the application of shadow, liner and mascara for the eye area, which needs fine application. Lighted mirrors can contain either a surrounding light or a multitude of film star lights. The rim may be lit up at the touch of a button to enable the applicator to highlight the required area, no matter what the environment. These mirrors may be oval, round or rectangular. A lighted makeup mirror with magnification can help in fine detailed application as it can help you determine the quantity of makeup as well as the blending.

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